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Audit Trail

Transparency and fairness of your event lucky draw for accountability and compliance.

Office Work


An audit log that your management and auditors won’t doubt!

Continue the trust your management has in you.


Running an event can be stressful and frustrating, even more so when you are planning an event for a large audience.

How many participants joined your event and at what time?

How many chances did they have for the lucky draw?

Who won and for which prize?

Deeptent captures the data to these questions and gives you insights into your audience's levels of activity and engagement.


It can be a real headache to monitor and keep up with the various activities happening behind-the-scenes. 


How do you know that the event had gone according to your plans? 


Deeptent provides a record of all events that happen from the time the event was created till the time the event ends.


Now that your event is over, how do you replicate the same success for your future events? Were there any mistakes that you would like to avoid?

Deeptent presents the opportunity to examine and troubleshoot issues, improve the current performance, and boost efficiency for your subsequent events.

You can also submit the audit log to your management, accountants, or even auditors to ascertain if there was any fraudulent activity and that the necessary protocols were being complied with.

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