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Get MORE attention and action from the live audience during your hybrid event or live stream selling.

Manage your event giveaways with better experiences and compliance

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Event Lucky Draw


Event Fast Grab

Event Top Invite

Event Highest Honor

Create automated giveaways that are practical, effective, and contactless for events or places.

Automate with ease

Worried that you do not have the resources to conduct a giveaway?

Put an end to laborious processes with our automated QR Code giveaways.

They are fast, safe, and contactless for you and your customers.

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Build trust and confidence

Afraid that your business might become a victim of impersonation frauds or your customers might be deceived into revealing their personal information?

Authenticate your business giveaways as verified events to differentiate from online frauds e.g. e-commerce scams.

Design for your needs 

Another touchpoint is another great opportunity to engage your customers.


With options for animations and customised designs using your brand's visual identity, your giveaway and lucky draw can be enhanced to create suspense and evoke a sense of excitement.

Forms, typeform, microsoft form, google form, formsg
Webinars, video conferencing, group video call

Best of all, you can stick to your favourite apps

Unleash the true power of your favourite forms (e.g. Microsoft Form, Google Form, GetFeedback, FormSG, Typeform) with Deeptent’s lucky draw program and instant gift redemptions that will help your business capture MORE feedback & data. You can even use it as a QR Code lucky draw.


Or complement your event registration (e.g. Eventbrite) and webinars (e.g. Zoom) with Deeptent to create memorable audience moments using live giveaway and lucky draw segments.

It's the only digital lucky draw system that you’ll ever need for your online and on-site events.



If you are...

An Attraction, Place, or Store Manager

Attract more customers by creating memorable moments with giveaways as well as rewarding valid participation.

With automation, you can create great customer experiences while optimising your resources.

An Attraction, Place, or Store Manager

Get MORE customers and feedback

An Event Organiser

Attract more attendees to your live event with memorable giveaway lucky draws.

With real-time data and remote activation, it is highly recommended for events with multiple venues or time slots.

An Event Organiser

Get MORE attendees and attention

A Retailer , Brand, or Product Manager

Attract more customers by conducting giveaways with purchases at retail roadshows and shops that are self-service, automated, and contactless.

Not forgetting the enticing customer experience that all customers love.

A Retailer, Brand, or Product Manager

Get MORE customers and attention

A Conference, Event, or Webinar  Speaker

Attract more respondents using QR giveaways that are animated, easy and memorable.

You will love the real-time data i.e. feedback from your audience instantly.

A Conference, Event, or Webinar Speaker

Get MORE respondents and feedback

Deeptent provides the robustness for creating experiential lucky draw segments for your events.

Why use deeptent?


like ABC!

Access your giveaway and lucky draw app anytime, anywhere, and from any electronic device. It’s safe and personal.

Be ready in only 5 mins. With just a few clicks, your campaign is ready to go.

Conduct giveaway and lucky draw with a tap of a button, or just automate it. No installation at all.


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