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Everything that you need for your hybrid event activation - all in one place.

Audit Log
1. Enable governance, compliance, and auditing of your event activities

Account for your audience’s participation and event giveaways for compliance and audit purposes.

How It Works:

(i) Produce an audit log to help you answer the questions of "who did what, where, and when?" that is accountable to your event management committee, auditors, and participants. 

(ii) Ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory standards by providing a history of activity in your Deeptent account.

(iii) Detect unusual activity in your audience’s participation and event giveaway activities.

2. Certify active participation

Encourage your audience to ask relevant questions and join in discussions.

How It Works:

(i) Customise and give out digital certificates to your audiences for their participation.

(ii) Differentiate your digital certificates with different "honour badges" according to your event's theme and branding.

(iii) Augment your event with a "Top Contributor / Participant" leaderboard through audience nomination or point systems for relevant contribution.

3. Collect More Audience Feedback

Incentivise your audience so you can collect more feedback with your favourite forms and improve engagement.

How It Works:

(i) Unleash the true power of your favourite forms (e.g. Microsoft Form, Google Form, GetFeedback, FormSG, Typeform, Salesforce CRM form).

(ii) Automate the tracking of audience's participation in your Feedback for Lucky Draw chances, and receive alerts when the participation surpasses your expectation.

(iii) Draw random winners with ease and transparency, and manage prize redemption with accountability.

4. Get Audience Attention / Be On-time

Capture your audience's attention so you can achieve your event objectives.

How It Works:

(i) Draw your audience's attention to important elements of your event (e.g. important announcements / VIP speeches).

(ii) Incentivise your audience to attend the event on-time with a grand opening. 


(iii) Boost your event branding and create hype with customisable mini prize grabs. 

5. Create Memorable Experiences

Bring about the event experience that your audience will love and remember!

How It Works:

(i) Customise your event lucky draw according to your theme and branding.

(ii) Integrate with your hybrid event platforms (e.g. Zoom and Facebook Live).

(iii) Use your favourite lucky draw animation to generate excitement and entertain your audience.

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