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Clapping Audience


Our mission is to empower every event organisers on earth to achieve the highest level of event activation possible.

Use Deeptent to get more attention and actions from your live audiences while creating a positive and enduring impact for your event.

We encourage you to use Deeptent with your favourite software to unleash the true power of your event. 

Graphic Design Software:

e.g. Canva

Video Conferencing

e.g. Zoom


Live Stream Software:

e.g. Facebook Live, YouTube Live

Event Registration Software:

e.g. EventBrite

Feedback Forms:

e.g. Microsoft Form, Google Form, GetFeedback, FormSG, Typeform


We’re always looking for partnerships and integrations to serve your best interests and prosper together with like-minded communities. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for collaborations.


  • Focus on event experiences with compliance and audit features

  • Get more audience's attention and actions

  • Strong anti-scam and verification measures 

  • Immediate ban for false or ill-intended giveaways when reported

*Deeptent will take immediate action to ban malicious users.


  • Focus on social media profiles

  • Get more social media page likes and shares

  • Medium to low anti-scam and verification measures 

  • Unknown policies towards false or ill-intended giveaways

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